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Just imagine sitting back and relaxing - this is all you need to do to receive our powerful subliminal messages and start making natural, positive changes to your life.

You are the master of infinite energies. Just believe in it.

The Benefits Are Out Of This World!

We all possess tremendous amount of energy and vigor. Yet, this infinite amount of energy is felt in very few people’s lives. It’s this energy that establishes someone as the leader, celebrity and public figure in the society. You need to understand the inner strength within you. You need to channelize that inner strength for your self-growth. 

What Are Subliminal Messages?

All human beings are blessed with a tremendous amount of energy, brilliance and joyfulness. Yet very few can feel and recognize the energy within. And only select few employ that energy and vigour to achieve great heights in their lives. Truly speaking, there is an abundance of winning virtues that every human being possesses. It is the question of identifying those virtues and employing in our lives to be a winner.

Subliminal messaging helps to reach that infinite energy reservoir lying deep within. Subliminal is the power of subconscious mind, which is an unlimited source of energy. Your subconscious mind is your hidden wealth that can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness, and more joy by learning to release the hidden power of your subconscious mind. Subliminal messages help you to explore it with a positive bend of mind.

But of course, you need to learn how to use it; you need to understand it so that you can apply it in all aspects of your life.


Subliminal messages are designed to avoid the critical, doubting, self sabotaging nature of your own thoughts.

Subliminal messaging can help you make lasting change with minimal effort. The term Subliminal refers to subconscious perception of something that is below an individual's threshold of conscious perception.
Subliminal messages received on a subconscious level are generally silent or invisible on a conscious level. Subliminal messages are designed to avoid the critical, doubting, self sabotaging nature of your own thoughts.


Delve into your inner strength with Subliminal Messages.

As you begin to learn to use your inner strength, a new light can inspire you, and you can generate a new force enabling you to realize your hopes and make all your dreams come true. Listen to those subliminal messages to invoke the tremendous subconscious power lying in your deep within. Listen when your conscious mind is not awakening.  Your conscious mind is the master that guides your body, environment, and all your affairs.
Subliminal CD Collection of Humansea - a stimulant to your subconscious mind!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee We started Humansea to create a higher quality subliminal products and to offer a defined range of Audio CD's containing unique subliminal messages - all written and recorded using powerful, positive affirmations according to NLP guidelines and cognitive behavioural therapy principles. We are so confident that your life will change for the positive we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee!

When you use any one of our CD's you are in safe hands because:

  • We take quality seriously; we want to preserve our current reputation as a pioneer in subliminal messaging quality.
  • We value customer service; we answer all email questions within 24 hours, (often much sooner!) and are always happy to provide any further information you may need.
  • We are a market leader of Subliminal CD's within the UK; We have sold over 5000* recordings to over 3000* people, many of which come back again and again. (*as of January 2009)
Subliminal Freebies!!!!
You can download 2 Sample Subliminal Tracks.
A Simple How To Guide on How You can create yoru own Subliminal Messages.
That's right! We'll send you a Full Subliminal CD absolutely FREE with any order.
Have your PC flash subliminal messages on your screen, you choose the phrases. You'll benefit from positive on-screen messages that you won't even know are there!

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Humansea has a range of CD collection of subliminal messages. Each CD contains a powerful 3-step subliminal messaging technique. Each has the running time of approximately 60 minutes. The first 5 minutes is just the ocean sounds. The next 15 minutes have around a dozen of subliminal messages. The messages are not heard by the conscious mind but they are picked up by the subconscious.

The infinite intelligence within your subconscious mind can reveal to you everything you need to know at every moment of time and point of space. Uncap your subconscious power, use it in your practical life and witness the whole world dancing to your tunes.

Don’t wait anymore to unleash the power of your subconscious mind, order Humansea’s CD collection of subliminal messages today. Start witnessing great changes in your life from tomorrow.


The only thing you have to lose are self-defeating thoughts and behaviours!


Just imagine sitting back, relaxing, and playing our CD - this is all you need to do to receive our powerful subliminal messages and start making natural, positive changes to your life.

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