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Harness the Power of your Subconcious Mind to get everything you want and achieve everything you can imagine!

What Is Subliminal Messaging?

Subliminal Messaging is a method of sending information beyond human perception either visually, or through audio based messages. When you play our CDs you will not hear anything except soothing ocean and nature sounds, however the subliminal messages in the background will still be decoded by your subconscious mind. This means that dramatic internal changes can take place without any conscious effort required by yourself!


This may seem too good to be true, but we are all process much more information than we are aware of. When you hear your name spoken from the other side of a room for example you are suddenly aware of that conversation; you can listen in and block everything else out. All along your subconscious mind was aware of this conversation going on, at the very limit of your perception.


Subliminal messages simply take advantage of your mind's ability to process information without your conscious knowledge. It does this all day, every day, and over time this unconscious processing of information leads to actual changes within your mind. This is why subliminal messaging is so effective; with subliminal CDs, You are in Full Control of the type of information you are sending to your subconscious mind.


You can create a FOCUS of specific information, only receiving messages which will change your negative habits into positive behaviour and give you an advantage towards whatever goals you are pursuing.


How Are Your CDs Different From Other Subliminal CDs?

Many other subliminal companies title their albums differently yet simply sell the exact same album. The messages are often very general; to increase your motivation to achieve success, for example. 


While these may be good general statements, they are not always what is specifically needed, and are not applicable messages; for instance it is not always a lack of motivation which is the problem!


We include unique subliminal messages on each individual album, designed to meet those specific needs, all professionally made to the highest of quality.

  • Created by our team of subliminal messaging experts.
  • Safe to use by adults and children.
  • Recorded using ultrasonic subliminal programming technology.
  • Based on advanced NLP techniques to reprogram your brain effortlessly.
  • Produced using cognitive behavioural therapy methods proven to modify behaviour.
  • Easy to use with automatic effortless results.

How Do I Use these CD's?

We recommend listening to the album at least once every day, but there are two main ways to use our CD's, and either is fine:

  1. You can listen while in a relaxed state of mind: Whilst relaxing studies have shown that the brain is most receptive to new information. Your conscious mind is at rest and the sub-conscious mind can easily be accessed. This is when your mind processes all the information you have taken in recently, it is also the ideal time to listen to your subliminal messaging CD. You can also leave the CD playing while you sleep, as again your subconscious mind is accessible and you will still gain the benefits of our CD's.
  2. You can listen multiple times or have the CD on in the background while working, doing your household tasks, or even while exercising. This way you may not receive all of the messages in just one playing, but by repeating the album after a few times you will receive the benefit. You can listen to it via your MP3 player anywhere, anytime and no one will even realize! (You should not listen to it whilst driving or using machinery)

You will not hear any voices or spoken guided hypnosis on any of our albums. All you will hear is our nature / ocean sounds. The subliminal messages are in the background, they go straight to, and are processed by your unconscious mind, so no extra effort is required on your part while listening.


You can listen to our album through either headphones or speakers, either way you will receive the benefit.


Aren't subliminal messages illegal?
It is not illegal. There were some studies conducted in the 1960s and 70s, the most famous one involving a movie theatre in which movie visitors were displayed messages telling them to "drink coca cola" and "eat popcorn". After being exposed to these messages without their knowledge popcorn sales rose by 57% and coke sales by 18%. It was this study which led to subliminals being BANNED within advertising. However, as a self development tool or for personal use they are not illegal - you can target yourself with beneficial messages to improve your life.


Is it really possible to change your life with subliminal CD's?

Yes, you can change your life with them. They work as a mild form of hypnosis, so while they are not an instant cure or a magic pill, they will make lasting changes to you subconscious mind - positive changes to help you reach your goals. 


Is subliminal messaging really 100% effortless?

Well.... Yes and No - They may not be 100% effortless in the way that you can play a CD and it will fix your problems without any conscious effort or action on your part. However if you are putting in the effort to study, or work towards your goal, then they will effortlessly ENHANCE your efforts and help you get to where you want to be in life quicker. 


Can anyone use subliminals to achieve their goals?

Yes, subliminals can be used by anyone. The only requisite with our albums is that you have at least a conversational grasp of the English language, and that you have time to listen to the tracks on a regular basis, if you can say yes to these simple requirements, then yes, you can benefit from subliminal CD's and reach your goals.
In a nutshell subliminal albums are safe to use, they are certainly not illegal, they can change your life, but if you think you can just listen to a CD and reach your goal overnight without any effort then you are mistaken. They will help you reach your goals, but there is no such thing as a magic pill, anything worth achieving requires hard work, and subliminals are just a tool you can use to make the road a little easier.